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Failure Analysis of Injection Molding Machine Failure to Open Mould

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In the maintenance of injection moulding machine, we often encounter the failure that can not open the mould. Unable to open the main points: pressure without action, pressure with action, no pressure without action three kinds of failure.

1. Pressure without action

First, look at the output plate opening valve display light is not on, if it is on, indicating that the computer output is normal, the computer to the opening valve circuit is problematic, the simplest way is to use a small electric pen to top the opening valve, another person to open the die action, if the top can be successfully opened, it is to confirm the line problem, re-pull a line to solve the problem. Decide (circuit problem).

2. There is pressure to open the mould, but it can not open the mould.

It shows that the output board is normal and the circuit from the output board to the valve is also normal. There are four situations:

The first one is that the fastening screw of the piston of the clamping cylinder is loose, which causes the screw to be brushed in the cylinder, such as the piston rod being stuck.

The second kind: mechanical anti-lock, the best way is to open the locking mode tubing and operate with a jack, so that the machine will not be damaged.

The third kind is caused by the pulling of the winch (such as the burning of the winch).

The fourth kind is caused by interference (oil interference and circuit interference). If the valve core is clamped and the operation of the opening mode is needed, the oil pump can not supply the pressure and flow required for opening the mode, and of course it can not open the mode. Another kind of interference is the interference of the circuit, such as the opening line is connected with the clamping line, because the opening mode can not meet the pressure and flow required for opening the mode. Valve and clamping valve work at the same time, about 20 kilograms of pressure, also can not open the mould.

3. No pressure, no action

But check that the computer output board is normal, there is pressure speed, the opening valve has output, the computer home page has shown, in this case, we will check other actions, such as the shooting platform, the shooting seat found normal, indicating that this phenomenon belongs to the singularity of the opening mode, generally check for one person to open the mode action, another person to use a multimeter. Measure whether the coil voltage of the open-die valve is about 22-30V. If it is, we will temporarily pull the coil of the open-die valve out of the plug and open the die. If there is pressure and no action, then we just need to open the die cylinder and make sure that there is a piston loosened from the piston rod.

Because the oil circuit of the injection moulding machine is basically the same, there is such a situation in the opening of the mould, and other actions will be the same. Maintenance focuses on induction and summary. From this kind of fault, we find that repair is simple and complex. In a nutshell, it is invariable from four aspects: circuit, hydraulic, oil and machinery. To say complex, we should generally pay attention to the sequence of troubleshooting, from simple to complex, that is, circuit, hydraulic, oil, machinery. If the inspection sequence is not appropriate, it will be laborious and time-consuming to repair.

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